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Below are some simple facts and frequently asked questions to help you with the process of making that all important change.

What do i need to know about having a cleaner

So, i've now decided i want to have a cleaner, what next ?


First you need to decide how many hours you want, do you want it on a weekly or fortnightly basis. Do you want to be home when the cleaner is there; are you working, will you need to give us keys. Is there a particualr day you want a clean or time. What are your priorities; what areas of your home needs the most attention.


"We understand that every home and individual is different, so our aim is to build a package around exactly what you need. An average 3 bedroom home in our experience would need at least a 3-4 hour clean per session, depending on how busy the home is whether you would need it weekly or fortnighty, but the choice is yours". 


I work so how will i let the cleaner in ?


Leave that to us!, All of our cleanng technician are fully vetted and referenced correctly. We hold on file all up to date relevant identification and proof of address. So we are able to guarantee your home would be safe for you to entrust us with house keys and use of any alarm systems.  


We will also issue you with a "key contract" which states if in the event we misplace or lose your keys, we will automatically have the relevant locks changed at NO expense to yourself. 


For your first clean we would always book it when you could be there, so you can meet your cleaner and get to know them a little bit. We want this to be a smooth transition, so knowing you have a friendly cleaner in your home can make you feel at ease.


What does a clean entail ?


We will always book a home visit first with one of our experienced staff to go over your home and get to know what your priorities are. We have a basic detailed plan (click here) of what you can expect from a clean. But we understand you will also have certain requirements. So when a cleaner is booked they will know exactly what is expected.


I might need something extra doing one week is that a problem?


No, if you need a little longer or a few extra chores doing ask the cleaner on the day, majority of the time they are happy to help. If there is time. 


Will the cleaner change bedding?


Yes! leave the fresh bedding on the beds and they will change this for you. 


My husband needs his work shirts ironing, does the cleaner do ironing ?


Not all of our cleaners do ironing so when booking a clean please let us know this in advance. This can be included in your hourly rate, but please remember you will need to allocate time for this as well as your clean.


We have pets !


Great, we are pet friendly, all of our technicians are animal lovers just let us know if you have a barking Bruno, or a purring Princess. 


I only want an English speaking cleaner, is that a problem?


No, for us the understanding of English is very important. Not only for communication but for the written word. We take health and safety very seriously, so we need to be able to guarantee that when a technician is using certain products they know what they are using and the dangers that can be imposed if products are mixed. Even household produts can become toxic if used incorrectly.


What if i don't like my cleaner


That's ok, we understand that in life not everyone will get on, let us know and will will arrange a replacement.


I need to cancel a clean, how much notice do i need to give


You need to give us at least 24 hours notice to cancel a clean or you are liable for the charge.  Or if you are cancelling permenantly then 7 days (unless discussed otherwise). You are not tied into a contract but these rules will apply. 


I don't always have cash, how do i pay.?


You do not have to pay in cash. Our clients now pay via standing order. Our cleaners are paid at the end of every clean, so we ask that you set up a standing order for the day of your clean, we automatically pay them, so you do not have to worry. If in the event you miss a clean, the payment is automatically refunded to your account. 


How do i book a cleaner?


Its easy, go to the book a clean tab at the top right of the page and send us your details. One of our friendly staff will call you. Or simly give us a call on the above number. 




Address: 119 Englefield Road, Islington London N1 3LH

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